Take a short stroll from the center of town and explore a different side of Cape May! Get to know our vibrant neighborhood where color, style and culture flourish – a square mile of outstanding accommodations, unique shops, select services and restaurants.

West Cape May embraces the arts with its music and galleries. Go treasure hunting at one of our many local ​​​​​​​​​​antiques shops. Sip and savor at a local winery. Take a bike ride out to the lighthouse or go birding at Cape May Meadows.  Listen to live music at one of our sidewalk cafes.  Score some heirloom tomatoes at the Summer Farmer’s Market behind West Cape May Borough Hall. Or meet the Lima Bean Queen at the annual Lima Bean Festival in ​Wilbraham Park. Life is just better in West Cape May. Explore our town on the interactive map, then come and spend the day!

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