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​​Take a short stroll from the center of town and explore a different side of Cape May! A vibrant neighborhood where color, style and culture flourish.  A square mile of outstanding accommodations, unique shops, select services and restaurants.

West Cape May has something new to discover throughout the year. Go treasure hunting at one of our many local ​​​​​​​​​​antiques shops. Sip and savor at a local winery.  Grab some BBQ at the Summer Farmer’s Market behind West Cape May Borough Hall. Or say yes to Lima bean ice cream at the annual Lima Bean Festival in Wilbraham Park.

West Cape May, formerly known as Eldredge, is one of the four jurisdictions that comprise Cape Island in Cape May County and was incorporated as a Borough in late 1884. The Borough was home to Mayflower descendents, former slaves, riverboat pilots and whalers. The Borough’s history goes back to the time of the Lenape Indians and several buildings date to the Colonial period. The area has a rich agricultural history which continues to be celebrated each year with a summer farmers’ market, and strawberry, tomato and Lima bean festivals. It was once known as the “Lima Bean Capital East of the Rockies.”

The Borough has reported ties to the Underground Railroad and has been home to numerous African Americans. From 1881 to 1931, the Hastings Goldbeating Company was located in the Borough employing women to pound one-inch strips of gold into gossamer-thin sheets used for decorative arts. Women still did the “booking” of gold leaf sheets until 1961. A plaque indicating the location of the factory can be found on Goldbeaten Alley. It was this business along with real estate speculation and subdivision of the land that led to the Borough’s incorporation in 1884.

The historic core of the Borough was placed on the National Register of Historic Places along with sections of the City of Cape May in 1976.

The West Cape May Business Association's mission is to promote business in West Cape May and give back to the community in a meaningful and long lasting way. Are you a business owner in West Cape May? If you'd like to join us, we can be reached at

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